Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saja Saja Main lapas Beraya huhuhu.....

Nothing special, just came back from visiting family an friends on 3rd day of raya, decided to play my keyboard, since my piano has a few keys not tuned, improvising and improving on some existing songs,
Playing at transpose minus 5 , so basically everything thats in E is played in A.. Duh! A bit of final fantasy, abit of traditional, abit of patriotic songs. not exactly perfect, not exactly right, haha cut me some slack, im was drowsy, it was 5mins till midnight, i wanted to just play play play play, theres mistakes here and there, so all my key presses were like, lalallalallallalalla...hantam shouldve seen me this morning though, non stop lagu raya saja on the keyboards, i even sharinganned...seloka aidilfitri..hahaha best song ive heard for raya so far..kudos alwi and this time lah...not by the time you read this.... All in all... Enjoy and sorry for the mistakes...hahaha...
Huahahaha camat ayi yaya

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