Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saja Saja Main lapas Beraya huhuhu.....

Nothing special, just came back from visiting family an friends on 3rd day of raya, decided to play my keyboard, since my piano has a few keys not tuned, improvising and improving on some existing songs,
Playing at transpose minus 5 , so basically everything thats in E is played in A.. Duh! A bit of final fantasy, abit of traditional, abit of patriotic songs. not exactly perfect, not exactly right, haha cut me some slack, im was drowsy, it was 5mins till midnight, i wanted to just play play play play, theres mistakes here and there, so all my key presses were like, lalallalallallalalla...hantam shouldve seen me this morning though, non stop lagu raya saja on the keyboards, i even sharinganned...seloka aidilfitri..hahaha best song ive heard for raya so far..kudos alwi and this time lah...not by the time you read this.... All in all... Enjoy and sorry for the mistakes...hahaha...
Huahahaha camat ayi yaya

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BearMafia's New Collection Room a.k.a IACON-1 hehehe

Hi guys, its been awhile since i last updated my collection, a bit lazy and busy with work, and the move hhahaha

but ive finished arranging my stuff in my new house well, not my stuff per se...but


a nice small room :) just enough for now.

from the outside


slightly above

still empty :) but holds some of my other stuff thats not opened hehehe...

see my reflection? huhu my Prime Homage, huhu abit cramped but will do :D

my rodimus homage, still missing a few pieces, and no..i didnt put the protector/shadowscythe trailers up, lupa lah..

the other side of the room hahaha still waiting for stuff to arrive and cabinets too :)

thank you for viewing hehhe...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hasbro Masterpiece ToyR'US Exclusive Rodimus Prime Pic Review by BearMafia

Ladies and Gentlemen, Bots and Cons, makcik dan pakcik, here he is hot of the shelf, the TRU exclusive Hasbro Masterpiece MP-09 Rodimus Prime (minus trailer Plus Offshoot).

my take on the packaging:

Front View

Right Side View shows his stats

Left Side View shows his gimmicks

Back View shows his bio story

the plastic insert i removed most of the strings already, and it still stays in place,...nice..

Packaging itself, is way smaller than Skywarp and not as thick as Grimlock, however the package is so conveniently sized that its like the DOTM voyager packaging, plastic is durable, 3 seals on top and a few more on the cardboard packaging, the inlet is cardboard and you need to lift it up to get the instruction sheet beneath. toy and gimmicks are tied down by cardboard strings.

BearMafia's Score : :):):):):) (why 5? its small enough to hide, the mrs loves the packaging, the insert is a tight fit, which means even without the strings, its a snug fit to make it BIB)

The Bot:

The Side View, notice the back latches on properly and stays there hehe..

Back View of his Upper Torso

Front View of his Front Torso

The Back View of his feet.

The Front View of his feet.

posable and stable huhuhu..

The robot plastics is smooth and durable...also paint apps is G1 Accurate huuhuh...its posable well most of it,
points of articulation are..alot :)

BearMafia's Score : :):):) (why 3? Shoulder articulation, elbow articulation and the annoying feeling of not getting the piece to fit right , GAHH so specific in transformation.)

The Improvements:

The Elbow improvement made, i dont know how to describe it but its keeps the elbow from rotating loosely and snug fit for transformation.

Slightly improved shoulder articulation but not much, its replaced by durable abs

The foot articulation and stability is improved, steel feet just like g1 hot rod hehe..and very solid..

the peg holes that connects his torso is now much better and locks smoothly, even though it can also latches off easily, its still stable enough, i had to shake it very hard before it latched off , moving hands also can latch it off.

the pegs that attached to the torso are also much better and suitable :) refer above.

remember the takaratomy version didnt latch on properly and also easily detaches and doesnt stays on properly, OWNED, its now fixed hehehe...ill show you some pictures of it latching properly..

Tada~~~~ :D

oooh and the spring on his knees, FIXED as well, i had a whizz of a time just bending it up and down..huhu...and it moves smoothly..

ahh the epic fail on the first Takaratomy release of his feet, are now fixed, the side plates, have their own proper hinges and latches on and off properly, the front plate also stays on properly now :)

BearMafia's Score : :):):):) (4 Smiles, because they fixed what went wrong in the first TakaraTomy issue, and it wouldve been 5 smiles, if they fixed the shoulder articulation and the transformation )

The Gimmicks :

The 2 Faces of Roddy this gimmick too.

The Tools Gimmick, the plasma torch and plasma cutter :) it fits nicely.

The Matrix...well the mini one :) the big one is in an epic pose below...

The Rodimus Transformation :D i really love this gimmick.

Offshoot Upclose

Offshoot full view

Note: offshoot is roughly the same size as RTS legend class or slightly mm bigger hehe.... his transformations are smooth and his articulation rest is amazing, he has ball joints for knees and hips and for his shoulders, for his elbows its basic joints hehe..

Heres Offshoot in his Gun Mode from multiple angles

Rodimus with Offshoot Gun Mode

the twin guns, gunslinger view...huhuh they look awesome...

the twin guns from the top

The Combined Plasma Rifle, okay it took me awhile to figure out how to place both his hands on the rifle, and the result, is this and it still looks like its magically floating....he can hold it in one hand though :)

BearMafia's Score : :):):):):) (its classic roddy, target master roddy, movie roddy and rodimus prime all in one, his weapons combine, he ages back and forth, he has his tools from the movie, he has two matrix of leadership, one big and one small, he can be used with the takaratomy winnebago and piece' de' resistance' he has offshoot the TARGETMASTER EXCLUSIVE

Overall Score : :):):):) (4 smiles, not perfect because i was annoyed with the alt mode transformation,it passed the bearmafia test though, and the picture below is just too awesome beyond words. and its enough to make the score back up to 5 smiles, but 4 it must stay. all in all the plastic is smooth and durable, paint apps is true to g1 colour scheme, extra stickers available, fun to play and posable, hooo boy and the pose superbly magnificent)
not sure if my SDCC version is any different..but if there is, ill let you guys know..

by the way when i bought this online, it was an estimate price of 250-270 RM , not bad for a masterpiece price right? huhuhu....

Voice of Optimus Prime : "Arise, Rodimus Prime"
Rodimus Prime :"Now, Light our Darkest Hour"


Hot Rod : DECEPTICONS!!!!!!!!! pew pew pew pew

huhuh another epic pose..

The Alt Mode:

i manage to transform him somewhat, and ill show you where the difficult part lies in m i transformed him the 2nd time in specific order according instructions and the 3rd time in no specific order also without instructions. no bear with me here.

his cybertronian and part earth sportster mode also has been improved where there is ample room to roll and also non of his robot parts touching the ground also pics of him with his targetmaster, however with the plasma sniper rifle, the gun pointed down instead of up and getting both targetmaster and rifle on the hood peg hole is quite tricky heheh..well not really, just needs finesse.

here we go:

this is a picture of the top raised, revealing the inner parts of the alt mode as you can see the feet is visible as part of the seats. although not much room for any human figures to fit in and the seats look abit weird.

note: this part is tricky to insert...needs to be precise.

The design on the hood not much difference but is more G1 accurate huhu..

this is the part im having trouble in , as you can see the part that opens and close and suppose to be pegged in doesnt peg in properly, nor do the hands are inside properly, the only grace that saves it is that the pipes peg snugly fits into the hole and holes the part (arm) in place, not exactly a neat transformation.

the bottom view of the car, now i know im suppose to turn his head the other way, but i wanted to see if it touches the surface even as i placed the head this way, huhu and surprisingly it still rolls smoothly, this position reminds me of the G1 version.

with targetmaster offshoo attached, it makes you go aaaaahhh...and this feature covers the fact of the mistransformation..heheh..

the back view, the rest of the parts aligned nicely, except for the spoiler , i noticed its still tilted, but i have yet to figure out, if i placed it wrongly or didnt turn it properly.

The Top view, i love this view :D

and there we have it :) Hot Rod alt mode

BearMafia's Score : :):):)
(3smiles, why? cos of the tilted spoiler and the arm transformation, i could be doing it wrong, but it proves my point of the transformation being annoying and abit frustrating, well no toy is perfect but the alt mode it self is fun to play with. all in all the toy is an absolute classic. a welcome addition to the masterpiece line. i will do a review of the Black Rodimus as soon as i get mine, huhuuh..lets see if there is a difference. again i stress on the difficulty and trickiness of the transformation of where it is specific and has to be precise..there you go people.)

ok, people...

this part three of the review, will cover how to fix the transformation to alt mode, :)
as mention, the transformations require finesse and precision..huhuh and patience....

here we go..

first off the position of the feet joints, heres the tricky bit, its not a matter of just bend and stretching them out, it has to fit at an 90degree angle, the ankle joints must align when you fold the feet it, and the feet must look something like this picture below

note: the head must be in that position, and both feet must be in this position, if the feet are protruding on the other side of the seat panel in a snugly fit * see next picture.
then you have aligned the feet and ankle joints properly.

here it is from an angle

now the next tricky bit is the hands...they didnt fit, because the ankle joints werent aligned properly on the inside, and to help make the hands fit nicely, dont square of the fist, fold it in further. :)
like so.

sorry for it being abit blurry.

the panels then close nicely and with snug fit of the pipes huhu its a sweet fit.

oh by the way the picture below shows the clearance of surface, that enables this baby to roll out hehe..

so this is how it should look like if everthing is in place.


there is nothing i can do about the springy hood and the tilted spoilers....apparently the spoiler is still an issue, it could be just my figure...but ill look into it further...

Thanks for viewing..